Ed Bird

Singer /

Rhythm guitar



Matt Edbrooke






Sam Dransfield

(Sammy D)

Lead Guitar / Backing vox




Sam Greene

Bass / Backing vocals



About the band

Empire Nation was born in 2009 after first meeting to play at a worship event. The band are made up of Ed, Sam, Sam and Matt, a group of friends who are passionate about living for God in every way, and this lifestyle fuels their music.








Some recent tour snaps

The boys bring a sense of humour and humility to everything that they do, living to serve others through their music and their ministry. As well as their song-writing and performances, they write for magazines and their own blog, and partner with a number of charities on issues that stir their hearts.

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Their sound and style is classically British, an irresistible mix of rock beats and catchy melodies; high-energy, solid rock-worship that leads the audience into a deeper inspiration of faith and motivation to live for God. Their second album ‘Closer’ was released in May 2012, following on from their award-winning debut album ‘Airtight’.