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Interview with Dee Blackmore

Where are you from? How did you all meet?

We originally met in 2007 to play music together, but that was two years before we narrowed down our band name from a list of 300, we then started writing our own songs, which saw us release our first EP in 2008, then our first album in 2010… the rest is history.

What made you choose music over any other vocation?

We’re passionate about music and sharing our stories through music, plus we’re all quite creative so we can get stuck in easily. It’s also great being able to travel and meet such a diverse mix of people.


You recently released your second album ‘Closer’. How did you go about writing the songs for this album - do you write your own songs?

Yes we love to write our own songs, there are a couple on the album which are co-writes or have some borrowed lines, but seeing a song come together and get published is magical! The writing process varies, but it usually starts with a melody and words from Ed or a great riff from Sammy D, we then record and bounce ideas back over email / skype until we meet for a test run.

Do you find it easy to write songs?

Sometimes it’s the easiest thing in the world, while other days it’s very frustrating. It’s pretty easy to just stick some chords and lyrics together, but writing a song that captures and stirs the hearts people can take a lot of crafting. Although sometimes the most amazing songs can come in an instant – when you’re ‘in the moment’ so to speak.

Which of your songs mean the most to you and why?

Probably ‘Carry you to Ground’ from the Closer album. Bad things are always happening around the world, but it’s how we deal with them as a human race that matters… We believe that we’re called to care for and help the broken, the lost and those in need; this song tries to capture this ongoing struggle, and help offer a positive solution.

What life lessons have you learned that you’d like to impart to our readers?

As we travel around and learn more about the world, we’ve begun to realise more and more just how good we have it in the ‘western world’ – devote your life to changing something and leave a legacy.

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Thanks for reading. Ed, Sam, Matt and Sam.

 Sam Greene / Bass.            Ed Bird / Vocals.        Sam Dransfield / Guitar.       Matt Edbrooke / Drums.