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In single year we can travel over 10,000 miles, which is why we help renew the damage our travel creates by offsetting through Climate Stewards.

Climate Stewards believe that we are all called to be good stewards of God’s earth. For us in the western world, this will mean being aware of the impact of our lifestyle and trying to ‘live lightly’ on the earth. But we also recognise that we all need to heat our homes, eat and travel – and we encourage you to offset these unavoidable carbon emissions.

Since 2007, Climate Stewards has planted over 33,000 trees on 15 sites covering 91 hectares of land. These trees will absorb 22,250 tonnes of CO2 over an average 50 year lifespan (which will add just over 100kg of carbon to each tree each year).

You can always achieve more through partnerships, that’s why we love joining with these guys below


In 2012 we joined forces with Samaritan’s Purse and helped raise awareness for the Turn on the Tap campaign.

We love that how something so small, can have such a huge impact on the other side of the world.

With a worldwide vision to empower people into music, by providing instruments to those unable to obtain or afford them.

Guitar Aid is one of our favourite charities to work alongside - see if you can spot any GA guitars in our videos


Support our latest mission on Rocket Fuel

We’ve teamed up with RF to try and help fund a number of projects through selling our merchandise and some great band experiences. Check out everything here