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Latest videos

Single available to download here.

You're Not Alone by Empire Nation (feat. Philippa Hanna) Also featuring Baldric the Bald Eagle - with thanks to Annie & Andrew at Wings of Faith.

Filmed at The Hour Glass - Exeter. Directed by Carl Shanahan and produced by Working Bird Inc.

Single available to download here.

Directed by: Carl Shanahan. Produced by: Working Bird Inc.

Filmed at the Unit Skate Park Launceston.

With thank to all our dances, skaters, riders and tech team.

Our debut video from our first album - Airtight. Directed by Damo Cross and shot in Exeter's cathedral yard.

Single available to download here.

Single available to download here.

My Soul Was Chosen is a retelling of the Easter story, and the video features a recreation of the Last Supper, transported to a modern setting.

Filmed and edited by Rowan While.

Empire Nation have teamed up with Samaritan's Purse for the 2012 Turn On The Tap campaign.

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